• Pets and Presents


    Well Christmas is just around the corner, so how many of you buy your Pets a present for Christmas? How about dressing them up?  I have three beautiful doggies and Yes,…

  • Guest Blogger-David Wolanski


    Thanks Teani for giving me this platform to talk a little bit about cameras I’ve used and maybe folks can extract something useful from that. I’ve been interested in doing “serious”…

  • Daylight Savings Time

    DST are you looking forward to it?


    Are you looking forward to Daylight Saving Time this weekend? Spring forward,fall back. I am not. I personally like the longer days. You have more time to enjoy gardening or going…

  • Dog

    Pet Photography


    This Photography article is dear to my heart. I love animals, that explains why I have three dogs. Several years ago I decided to donate my time to photographing animals at…

  • Eight She Shed Ideas.

    She Sheds

    As I sit here in my She Shed looking out the french doors at the beautiful sunshine, I came up with a list of things you could use your She Shed…

  • My She Shed

    She Sheds

    Hi everyone, here is a little background on my She Shed.  I was visiting at a friends house and she had a beautiful sun room.  It was so cheerful I decided…

  • Trips


    Travel, Trips

    HI, enjoyed a beautiful day Friday in Biloxi, Ms.  They had the annual Cruz in the Coast car show, which was unfortunately canceled by Hurricane Nate on Saturday. But on friday there…

  • Travel


    I recently went on a trip to Scotland(June 2017).  I absolutely love it there!  I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance. My cousin Myra and I flew into…